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Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO), the world's leading provider of connectivity and power solutions, recently made a stunning appearance at electronica China in Munich at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The application innovation and technological advantages of Qorvo's leading connection and power technology in the fields of smart cars, green energy, smart homes, industrial Internet and so on were demonstrated at booth D502 (H7.2 D502) in Hall 7.2.


In this exhibition, Qorvo brought a variety of wonderful Demo, and shared with visitors the 3D touchpad display screen with pressure sensing, smart battery management system (BMS) scheme, smart home development kit certified by Matter, innovative ultra-wideband technology (UWB) applications, silicon carbide (SiC) power devices and Wi-Fi 7 FEM evaluation board. 3D Touch Control for Automotive Intelligent Cockpit and Various Pressure Sensing Applications Qorvo's 3D touch Demo is based on capacitive touch screen technology. Compared with the traditional resistive touch screen, it is more sensitive, faster, smoother and supports multi-touch.


Qorvo showed several typical application scenarios of 3D touch: 3D display screen of vehicle-mounted intelligent cockpit based on capacitive touch and force sensor scheme can provide multi-dimensional input data for innovative human-computer interaction design; And the 3D touchpad, electric window switch, electric door handle and metal buttons based on the force sensor can realize seamless industrial design and multi-level force trigger function, which is suitable for various harsh working conditions and shows the excellent sensitivity characteristics of Qorvo force sensor.


Intelligent BMS scheme supporting up to 20 batteries in series

The intelligent BMS system displayed by Qorvo can collect, process and store the important information of battery operation in real time, and provide this information to the external device controller to solve the key problems such as the running time, safety and remaining service life of the battery system.


PAC22140 and PAC25140 Power Application Controller (PAC) are the industry's first 20-cell (20s) single-chip solutions, with excellent functional characteristics, and support for up to 20 batteries connected in series. The two devices adopt PAC intelligent motor control technology, and integrate all necessary analog and power peripherals and 32-bit Arm Cortex M0 or M4F microcontroller, which can realize the functions of battery cell balance, monitoring and protection, and are suitable for gardening tools, electric travel, power storage and transportation and other applications.


Quick realization of Matter certification development kit for IoT products

IoT Dev Kit Pro displayed by qorovo includes QPG6105 development board and QPG7015M development board, which supports qorovo's characteristic ConcurrentConnect TM and Antenna Diversity. ConcurrentConnect TM can receive Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy protocols at the same time, and can support multi-channel communication. Antenna Diversity means that there are two RF interfaces on the chip, which can receive signals in two directions. By comparing the SNR values of the signals, the antenna with the better SNR value is selected to receive the remaining signals. This design can increase the stability of the signal link without increasing the transmission power of the transmitter TX, thus reducing the number of retransmissions and increasing the communication distance.

QPG6105 development kit passed the first batch of Matter 1.0 certification and the first batch of Matter 1.1 testing. QPG6105 development board integrates a wealth of interfaces, buttons, RGB/cold/warm lights, PIR, magnetic sensors and humidity sensors, which, combined with QMatter SDK, helps developers to quickly develop products such as Matter bulbs, door locks and sensors. The development board of QPG7015M is a development kit based on raspberry pie, which provides a rapid development environment for gateway and smart speaker applications. The biggest changes that Matter has brought to the smart home market are "interactive new experience", direct interaction between different ecosystems and direct interaction between different communication protocols. Qorvo's ConcurrentConnect TM technology can provide seamless interaction between different protocols for Matter smart devices. For example, intelligent gateway devices, with a chip QPG7015M added to the WiFi main platform, can use QPG7015M BLE to make distribution network for the Matter devices, and then support both Zigbee devices and Matter over Thread devices.


Ultra-wideband technology (UWB) to empower consumer applications

At the exhibition, Qorvo also demonstrated the application innovation of UWB in smart phone positioning, car keyless entry, spatial audio technology and other scenarios. Among them, two development kits, QM33120WDK1 and DWM3001CDK, were exhibited on site.


QM33120WDK1 suite can provide customers with development and testing work based on DW3110, 3120, 3210, 3220 and QM33120 chips. The kit supports CH5 and CH9 frequency bands, and supports dual-antenna AoA angle measurement. And provide customers with SDK that can support FiRa PHY/MAC and software that can support Apple Nearby Interaction. Customers can purchase this kit to develop applications and products with accurate ranging, high-precision AoA angle measurement and interaction with Near by Interaction function of Apple mobile phone. DWM3001CDK development kit is a development kit based on the DWM3001CUWB module of Qorvo. This module integrates DW3110UWB chip and onboard PCB antenna. For many Tag tag products, this module can greatly reduce the development difficulty of customers' antenna design and production line testing, and it can also interact with the Near by Interaction function of Apple mobile phones. The SDK of this module also conforms to FiRa PHY/MAC specification.


In addition to the two development kits, there is also a Q-TAG sample, which is a reference design that can be powered by CR2032 button cell. It uses DW3210 chip, integrated on-board PCB antenna design, nRF52833 Bluetooth SoC and 3-axis acceleration sensor LISDH12TR. It can provide customers with a quick reference design scheme for label design. Finally, this audio transmission sample developed based on DW3110 can support 192KHz/24bit dual-channel lossless audio transmission and ultra-low delay transmission.


The 4th generation SiC FET series with the best combination of cost performance.

Qorvo's 4th generation SiC FET product line expands its 1200V product line, which can flexibly meet the needs of engineers whose bus voltage of electric vehicles increases to 800V, and help designers to choose the most suitable SiC product for each design. Customers can also mix and match the fourth-generation products according to specific thermal conditions and operating conditions to achieve the best combination of price and performance.


It is reported that Qorvo provides SiC FET products and diodes with rated voltage of 650-1700V, which are used in traditional switching mode power applications. The working frequency is tens to hundreds of kilohertz, and the power level is usually greater than 1kW. These products are aimed at major growth markets, such as solar energy, energy storage systems, electric vehicle power systems and high-voltage power supplies for telecommunications, servers and industrial applications.


Qorvo's SiC technology provides high-voltage SiC FETs with the lowest on-resistance in any package in the industry, so it has higher current capacity and lower power consumption. In addition, Qorvo's SiC FET product architecture has gate drive compatibility, so it provides the simplest way for engineers to transition from silicon to silicon carbide. It is worth mentioning that Qorvo's SiC technology can realize the minimum chip size SiC FET at a given current rating, thus achieving the best utilization rate of SiC wafer substrate (that is, each wafer chip), which is a product with highly limited production capacity in the market.


Wi-Fi 7 FEM evaluation board that makes product development more flexible.

The Wi-Fi 7 FEM evaluation board displayed by Qorvo can meet the requirements of the overall upgrade of the technical specifications of Wi-Fi 7, including the characteristics of 4096QAM modulation and 320MHz channel bandwidth associated with the RF front-end, which simplifies the design difficulty of RF components.


Qorvo provides a complete wireless front-end radio frequency module (RF FEM) and filter solution for Wi-Fi 7, taking into account the advantages of low power consumption and small package, which can provide more space and flexibility for product development. Among them, the industry's first broadband front-end module (FEM) covers the frequency band from 5.1GHz to 7.1GHz, which can not only maximize the capacity, but also simplify the design, shorten the time to market, and reduce the front-end circuit board space by 50%.


In addition, Qorvo also provides filters corresponding to Wi-Fi 7-QPQ5500 supporting UNII 1-3(5G band) and QPQ5601 supporting UNII 5-8(6G band).

At the Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich, Qorvo impressed the industry with its leading technical advantages and wide application fields. As a leader of innovation in the times, Qorvo is committed to starting from the "core" and taking advantage of the trend, and continuously empowering various fields such as automobiles, consumption, industry and Internet of Things with advanced products and solutions. In the face of a vibrant future, Qorvo will, as always, focus on research and development and innovation to help customers meet market opportunities with a more calm attitude!

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