Passive Chip Crystal Oscillator SMD 2P HC-49SMD 4M 6M 8M 10M 12M 16M 20M 24M 25M 27MHZ Passive Bell Crystal

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Quartz Crystal resonator (often labeled Xtal, Extenal Crystal Osillator, external Crystal oscillator, because the Crystal oscillator unit is often used as an external circuit), referred to as quartz Crystal or Crystal oscillator, is a kind of electronic component that uses the piezoelectric effect of quartz Crystal (also known as Crystal) to generate high precision oscillation frequency. It is a passive component. The component is mainly composed of quartz wafer, base, shell, silver glue, silver and other components. According to the lead condition, it can be divided into two types: direct insertion (with lead) and surface mount (without lead).

Chip crystal oscillator is a type of quartz crystal, it is a kind of crystal oscillator without protrudes pin, can provide high precision oscillation, because its shape is like the chip, so it is called the chip crystal oscillator. Chip crystal oscillator can be divided into passive crystal oscillator and active crystal oscillator, which are mainly used in the clock module of the circuit to provide the corresponding clock reference. The common application is embedded design.

1. Thin type with strong welding crack resistance

2. High and stable starting vibration characteristics

3. Heat resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance

4. Meet lead-free welding and high temperature reflux temperature curve

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