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According to Bloomberg News, the European Union plans to propose a new regulatory plan this week, aiming at key technologies that can be used for military purposes. In addition, the EU will propose before the end of the year to control the inbound investment that may threaten the EU's security and prevent the outflow of key capital and technology. According to a draft document, as part of the latest security strategy, the European Commission will put forward a list to assess the risk of dual-use technologies, which can be implemented among member States as soon as September. The draft is scheduled to be published on June 20th. Reuters reported that in the document entitled "European Economic Security Strategy", the Commission expounded its views on how the EU can make its economy more flexible and identify emerging risks. According to the document, these risks may come from exports and investments, which may leak "a small number of key technologies with military significance" to foreign competitors, such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, 6G, biotechnology and robotics. The document pointed out: "Excessive dependence on any country will reduce the strategic options of the EU, thus exposing the economy and citizens to danger. The EU now needs a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure economic security, reduce risks and promote the technological advantages of strategic departments. " According to the commission's document, it will focus on risks in the supply chain (including energy) and key infrastructure (such as telecommunications networks), as well as preventing economic coercion and the leakage of cutting-edge technologies. The EU will also work with member states to review what security risks foreign investment may bring, put forward new countermeasures for commodities that may enhance military and intelligence capabilities before the end of the year, and set up a special expert group of member states to assist in these tasks. The document does not name China, but emphasizes cooperation with countries that share common concerns with the EU, and uses the word "de-risk".
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